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Sic Bo has its roots in Ancient China, and has been popular for centuries. Today it is widely played in online casinos all around Ghana, and once you have played it yourself you will understand its timeless appeal. The simple rules and complex outcomes of the game make it easy to learn but almost impossible to stop playing! The best way to discover the rewards of the game is to play it at one of the trusted sites we review here, but to help you get the most from your playing time we have put a basic guide of the game together. Read this before beginning your game journey.

Basic Online Sic bo Principles

Sic bo offers greater challenges and rewards than most dice games found in the online casinos of Ghana because it uses three dice rather than two. These are rolled using a vibrating platform called a Dice Shaker, which is simulated with Random Number Generation to ensure complete fairness at all of the establishments reviewed here. Before the dice are rolled, bets are made on the combinations they will fall in. There are fifty configuration possibilities so it is easy to get a little disorientated, but the game table is specially designed to display all of the outcomes and makes it easier to keep track or what is going on!

Finer Strategic Tips in Online Sic bo

Most of the excitement and enjoyment that Sic Bo delivers is because of its exhilarating elements of chance, and there is not much strategy to develop or refine. The heart of the game’s tactical planning lies in deciding what wagers to place. Players are allowed to choose from several types of betting and thereby determine their own odds. You can decide how lucky you are feeling and how much risk you want to take. We have outlined your various wagering options below.

  • Three of a kind: one number appears on each die. The odds of winning are just 1 out of 216 so the house edge is massive, but the payout is an equally jaw-dropping 150 to 1
  • Any three of a kind: any one number appears on all three dice. It is six times as likely than Three of a kind, but still very rare
  • Two of a kind: one number appears on two of the dice. This yields an 8 to 1 payout with a 5.82% chance of winning
  • Duo: two different pre-specified numbers occur on two dice
  • One of a kind: a specific number occurs on one die
  • Big and Small bets: the game’s name is actually translated as “Small Big” and is most likely named after the payout table areas called Big and Small which pay even money. These wagers mean that players bet that the total of the three dice will equal a specific number. In the Small area this total is between 4 and 10 and in the Big area between 11 and 17. The Three of a kind bet is always excluded in this, and the 6 and 9 and 12 and 15 Hardways are also disregarded in the Small and Big bets respectively
  • Players can also place bets on the total of the dice falling between 4 and 17. The payouts for this are displayed on the game’s table
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The thrilling betting choices and complex possibilities of online Sic bo have are an irresistible combination for the sophisticated patrons of the online casinos in Ghana. If you feel ready to join them, read our reviews and get playing!